Fridge Watcher

The fridge is a simple appliance and yet it holds inside says so much about the way people live and how they eat around the world. A small mini-fridge in a bachelor's apartment in New York City may hold several take-out boxes, cans of beer, and perhaps a half-empty milk carton. Far to the south, a fridge in rural Argentina may hold locally produced vegetables, bottles of milk from a local farm, and perhaps a glass of wine. A fridge in Shanghai, China may hold vegetables bought at a store along with a mixture of herbal supplements kept for medicinal reasons. To those who own the fridge, its contents are hardly extraordinary. Yet to many around the world, what other people eat and put in their fridge may seem strange and even exciting.

Fridge Watcher allows users to peek into the refrigerators of members of the Fridge Watcher community all around the world. From Los Angeles to India, and Russia to Brazil, members open up their fridges to the world. Others can comment on what's inside the fridge and experience different cultures while learning interesting new recipes or home remedies.

Fridge Watcher believes that we are what we eat and that every fridge tells its own story. The most exciting aspect of Fridge Watcher is that many people are unaware of what their fridge says about them until they submit pictures or set up a webcam of their fridge. Someone who always thought they ate healthy may soon find that their fridge tells a different story. Others may find that their fridge packed with all natural, organic products says a lot about their ethical eating habits. The discovery of what a fridge says about someone is just part of the journey of learning about different people from all around the world.

Fridge Watcher is open to anyone from any corner of the globe. The only requirements are that users must own a fridge or else borrow a friend's fridge to use on the website. Users then must either set up a webcam that captures all of the contents of the fridge or submit a series of pictures. Some users only submit this information with a minimal amount of detail and give only their country location. Other members can guess if the fridge's owner is male or female, or if it belongs to an entire family based on the products found on the fridge's shelves. Some members submit their fridge webcams with lengthy descriptions of their lifestyle and where they live. Either way is fine since both methods encourage commentary and discussion.

The point of Fridge Watcher is to bring people together through the food that they eat. While watching a fridge in South Africa may not seem like a cultural experience at first glance, a closer perusal reveals many differences and similarities. Some brands like Coca-Cola are found all over the world. Other local brands are only found in certain countries. Furthermore, the greatest cultural experience often comes from trying to decipher the different types of fruits and vegetables eaten around the world. It may be easy to recognize apples and oranges, but the world is full of an endless variety of produce from the pungent durian to the wholesome yucca.

Discover how much fun it can be to open up the family's fridge to the world. Sign up for Fridge Watcher today and join a community of people interested in the way others eat and live. Become part of an exciting Internet social circle that celebrates the diversity and similarity of the human race.